When I was about 22, I was tested for the incurable, untreatable genetic disease that took my mother. My brother Dennis and I both received the news that we had Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD). Dennis reached his 52nd birthday, waiting on the list for a kidney. He did not see his next birthday.

In 2014 I turned 52. I was in Stage 5 (end-stage) kidney failure, and on the list for a kidney at Upstate University Hospital Transplant Department. I couldn’t work due to the complications of renal failure. Despite being happily married and mother to an amazing 11 year old daughter, some days it was difficult not to despair; to wonder if I would make it to 53?

On August 16th, 2014 an amazing thing happened:

I received a call from the transplant coordinator that a match had been found and to get to Upstate as soon as possible. Thanks to the incredible surgeons, nurses, and other staff at the Transplant Clinic, my life is forever changed.

On August 19th, I turned 53 and began my new life.

Due to the medical, emotional and financial support I received throughout my experience, I am reaching out to ask others to join me in supporting others needing assistance to begin their new chapters.







The Upstate University Hospital Transplant Department Patient Fund desperately needs replenishment.

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I am hoping you can help




Our Living Donor and Outreach fund exists to support education, awareness and expenses for organ donation and transplant.

Why is donor awareness so important??

Living donation: Many people do not even know that the option of living donation exists. Approximately 20 people will die today waiting for a kidney or liver transplant. If just 1 out of 300 Americans decided to be living donors, the wait list for liver and kidney transplant would almost disappear.

Deceased donation: 1 organ donor can save up to 8 lives and benefit up to 50 people!!


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  • Our patient assistance fund exists to assist post transplant patients maintain the life and longevity of their transplant kidney. If a patient is unable to afford the costs of anything related to the care of their kidney, our fund will assist them in an emergency situation, and we will then work with that patient to help them obtain the resources necessary for them to continue that care independently.
  • When you contribute to the transplant patient fund at Upstate University Hospital your gift supports many patient and family needs that help patients manage their health needs and helps provide them with critical items because of your generous donation and your support of Upstate transplant patient fund the families will have essential tools they need to stay healthy.

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